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to JJ on your fifth birthday,

My sweet JJ, 

You are f-i-v-e!  Five.  I cannot wrap my head around it.  You have literally been counting down for 365 days.  Birthdays are everything to you... that, and Christmas.  Oh buddy, you have brought such a spunk and life to our family.  We would be so incomplete without you!  You are walking entertainment, always saying the cutest and most surprising things.  You have a vocabulary like no other and use words that even I don't use.  You also speak with a little accent that I'm not sure where you got.  You exude joy.  You're playful, energetic, and FUN.  You could stay awake probably 20 hours a day and be totally fine.  You're a night owl and the life of the party.  You're the pickiest eater known to man.  Your first love is chocolate milk and you pretty much survive off of light vanilla yoplait yogurt.  Don't even think of trying to hand you another flavor, or heaven forbid, the one with the red packaging {the full fat version}.  Your favorite color is…

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