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it's the *most* wonderful time of the year...

The Christmas season is magical.  The soft glow of the Christmas tree makes your house feel ever so cozy. The lights and decor everywhere you go, the cheery music playing in all the stores, and the sweet anticipation from the kids (particularly the littles, who still have such a since of awe & wonder) ... just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  But the true magic of the season is the miracle of our Savior's birth.  When my heart truly focuses on that, it brings me to tears.  Every time.
Last year the entire holiday season felt like a blur.  To be honest, it was all I could do to even get through it.  I don't speak much about how my pregnancies have gone while in the midst of it, but they have all been pretty fearful.  The risk to the baby (from cholestasis) is stillbirth, so while I lived with that haunting thought, speaking of it aloud was more than I could really deal with.  That's why my pregnancies were all monitored so closely and why they were one giant co…

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